Thursday, November 15, 2007

So much hair, so little time...

Hi there! I know I've been away for quite some time. Thanks to n'drea for letting me know I was missed :-) So much has happened in the past couple of months. I've missed blogging so I'm happy to get have this quiet evening to do some catching up. Lets see, where do I begin? I am now 34 weeks pregnant. Oh what an experience that has been. I went into preterm labor twice but fortunately, my little blessing is still right where she should be. Yep, I said she, I'm having a girl! My husband and I are so excited! We decided to do her nursery on purple and mint green, and it is so pretty! I know I won't be able to avoid pink forever, but I'm starting out with a non-pink nursery. The furniture is black, wall paint color is called lavender lace, and we put up crown molding and painted it a soft shade of blue. You can sort of see the wall color in the second picture on the left, but I'll take a better picture this weekend.

I celebrated my 30th birthday in October, which was neat because we had our first baby shower the day before so it was a double celebration. My next shower is next Saturday and we're expecting a huge crowd since my family will be here for Thanksgiving. I can't wait!

My hair has grown like wildfire! These pictures don't show the current length, since these was taken in September so I'll have to add taking updated hair pics on my to do list for this weekend :-)

I got my first client call for a Sisterlocks consultation. Unfortunately, I had to refer her to someone else since I've been on modified bed rest. I was extremely disappointed, but I know there will be other opportunities. Since I haven't been able to retighten my own hair, I've been sticking with my duo team. Once I give birth, I plan to get back on track with things. Sometimes I tighten my hairline, but its been difficult since I can't stand for long periods, and I haven't mastered being able to retighten while lying down. So, I'll have much to look forward to at the start of the new year!
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Lakia said...

Congrats and happy birhtday all in one Mami! Your hair is looking fabulous. I am pretty sure you'll grab another client once your bundle of joy is here.

Chosen Vessel {Abena} said...

It is great to have you back. Happy belated birthday. Boy, is God just raining down blessings, your birthday, new baby coming, baby showers, and to top it off your hair is still looking good girl (smile).