Thursday, March 01, 2007

HELP... I need encouragement....

As you know from my retightening updates, my sessions were 13 hrs long with my first loctician, and 7 hrs with my current loctician. I felt pretty good about this until my last retightening. I could feel that she was getting tired during my session. I don’t blame her; I do have a lot of hair. But the kicker was that when she was done, she said that we may have to start splitting my sessions into two days. I definitely don’t like the idea of doing that.

If I split the sessions, I estimate it will be 4 hours on day one and 3 hours on day two. This is not bad in general, but I do have other evening responsibilities. I would have to go after work which means I lose my work-out time for two days and risk running in to my class time. Having it done it one day allows me to go after work on the day that I don’t have class and still get other things done.

When I first started thinking about getting Sisterlocks, I did wonder whether maintenance would be troublesome due to my “high density” hair. When it came to lock size, I asked for large locks in the middle, and medium around the perimeter. Well, it turns out that I have medium locks in the middle, and small locks around the perimeter (688 locks total, yes, I counted). Now I’m wondering whether combining some of the smaller locks may be a solution. Only thing is, I don’t want to “mess up” the look of my locks at this point, especially since they are swelling.

It seems I just can’t escape the consequences of having thick hair. This was the reason that my mom put a relaxer in my hair at a young age. My hair was almost to my waist and she couldn’t handle it. She told me that she later regretted her decision and should have just put up with my crying and squirming while combing my hair. I can't fault her. Just last year before I got Sisterlocks, I use to cry when I had to blow dry my hair. The bottom line is that I didn't go into this all happy-go-lucky and thinking that this process would be maintenance free. But that doesn't stop me from feeling a little discouraged right now about the future and whether I can work out a hair schedule that doesn't interrupt my life.

I’ve really got to take the retightening class....