Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Guess what?

I lost my first lock. I'm not too blown since it is a tiny one from my right temple, just dead hair. Oh well...... Posted by Picasa

My hair regimen

* Sisterlocks shampoo: still using at the advice of my loctician.
*Aveda Sapp Moss: I love this shampoo. I really see a difference in my hair being clean after use.
*Organic Root Herbal Cleanse and Shea Butter: I don't use the shea butter often, but do use the herbal cleanse after working out. It's good stuff.
*Aveda scalp remedy: this helps eliminate dandruff. Works pretty good so far but it smells a little weird.
*Rosa water and lavender water: I give my hair a spritz before going to work.
*Aveda reviving mist: I use this when I feel "the poof" trying to gain control.
*That's my lintless microfiber hair towel in the background

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Retightening Update Part II

I've been seeing a new SL Loctician (thank you CloudNine) and I'm very happy to report that the time for my retightening has reduced from 13 hours to 7. My locks in the back are retightened fairly quickly; the locks in the front and sides are the culprits. They are really small and take more time to work with. It doesn't help that I am very tenderheaded in the front either. But hey, I'll take that over 13 hours of sitting anyday. The best part is that I don't have to take the day off for appointments. This Thursday will be my 8th month anniversary and I would really like to take the retightning class (I didn't get to take the class in December). The training class will be offered in Baltimore on March 3rd and June 16th. I haven't decided which one to register for. Is anyone planning to take the training soon?
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