Monday, March 03, 2008

Hair progress

I couldn't make a comeback without posting pics of my hair. My mom braided it for me and I wore it for three days before taking the braids out. I'm mad that I didn't start wearing it like this sooner!

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What I've been up to...

I've been enjoying my maternity leave! Sad to say, I return to work tomorrow and I'm oh so sad about it. The last 12 weeks have been wonderful. I have so much to report, I don't know where to start. Lets see....

Nugget (my husband's nickname for our little girl) was 5 lbs 4.3 oz at birth and now at shy of 3 months, she is 9 lbs 9 oz and developing quickly! She smiles at me in the morning when she wakes up and laughs while her diaper is being changed. She's not a fussy baby at all, thank goodness! I forgot that I was tagged early last year and I didn't get a chance create a post, but I'm going to change things up a bit and share a bit about my maternity experience:

1) I thought that after giving birth I would be able to pick up some of the projects I had put off while on bed rest. However, I learned the importance of taking it easy and making the most out of my time off with my daughter. After all, this was the only time that I would be with her everyday 12 weeks straight for the rest of her life. Projects could take a back seat!

2) I never knew that childcare could be such an issue. Growing up, my brother and I never went to a sitter because my mom worked nights to be home with us during the day, and my dad worked days to be home with us during the night. I had never really thought about the importance of their alternate schedule before but now I see how fortunate they were to be able to do that. Finding reliable childcare for Nugget has been a headache. My job has an on-site daycare but the waiting list is long. We have a temporary solution worked out but childcare is definitely something to consider for solutions before expanding our family :-)

3) I learned very quickly to accept help whenever I could. I was so grateful to have co-workers offer to spend their lunch break with the baby so I could take a nap or a shower and feel like a human being again. My parents brought dinner to us daily for three weeks and one of my girlfriends brought us an abundance of food. It was such a blessing!

4) I have no idea what to do with Nuggets hair. It's starting to take on a life of its own but I'm hesitant to put any product in it. It may not even be necessary but her scalp tends to be dry. One friend and a few articles suggested olive oil for infant dry scalp. Any suggestions?

5) I always drink liquids from a straw. I even carry two straws in my purse in case I'm offered a drink without a straw available.

6) I can recite every word from the movie The Last Dragon by memory, including the songs. It's not something I'm necesarily proud of, I just think it's interesting. It was my favorite movie growing up because I had a crush on Taimak aka Bruce Leroy. I wonder what ever happened to him...
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