Wednesday, September 20, 2006

How many hours should re-tightening take???

It took 3 days for my Sisterlocks to be installed. It took 13 hours the first day, 14 hours the second day, and 13 hours the third day. I was prepared to deal with the hours of sitting through this process since I knew the benefit would be worth it. Now, as for my retightening, it takes 12 hours. Is this normal? I once did a search on Google and found postings from ladies who said their hair is re-tightened in 2-4 hours. Two other posts said 5-6 hours. I really like my consultant, but is 12 hours for re-tightening extreme? Posted by Picasa

My first Sisterlocks pic

Here are my 3 month old Sisterlocks! Although I like rocking the short look, I'll be so glad once I get some length to these babies. I can't wait to wear my hair in a ponytail!!! Posted by Picasa