Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Retightening class: Denied

I registered to take the retightening class this Saturday. In order to successfully register, you have to meet the following requirements :
• Sisterlocks®/Brotherlocks® that are older than 6 months AND completely settled
• 3/4 inches or 3-5 weeks of new growth (since last retightening)
• Know your personal locking pattern (from your most recent consultant)
You must also provide your current consultant's name and phone number so that the condition of your hair can be verified. As of June 23rd, my Sisterlocks will reach their 1 yr anniversary. According to my consultant from my last session, my locks are completely settled. I know my locking pattern (4). So why was I initially denied from taking this class???

I was told that my consultant suggested that now was not a good time for me to take the class. She said that since I have many locks, taking the class now may not work for me. In addition, she said I have soft spots. This disturbed me greatly because 1) When i mentioned during my last re-tight (3 wks ago mind you) that I had planned to take the class, she said she thought it was a good idea. So why tell the instructor otherwise? 2) Why should I be turned away from taking the class just because I have "many locks"? I surely wasn't aware that people with "many locks" should be discouraged from learning the retightening method. 3) Where are these soft spots and why have I not heard of them before? I knew of two locks by my left temple that use to slip, but they were combined and have not slipped since (3 months).

Maybe my consultant thought that I would cancel the rest of my appointments once I took the class (I'm scheduled through August). This was not my intention, but even if it was, isn't that my prerogative?

I called the instructor and told her that I was being done a disservice. She said that there would be another class in August and maybe I should wait. What difference will it make between now and August? I'll still have "many locks" then. Now, I understand the reasoning behind verifying the condition of the individuals hair. However, I think that this can really mess a person up if the consultant gives conflicting information. I could see if I had slippage, unsettled locks, or no new growth. But to say because I have many locks, I shouldn't take the class? I don't understand. Anyway, the instructor agreed that I could come on Saturday and she will evaluate my hair herself. I understand where she is coming from and that she doesn't want to be responsible for teaching me the method if the time is not right. If she approves, I can stay. If not, she will apply my deposit towards the next class in August. I told her that was fair. If I could, I would cancel altogether and take the class offered by Sisterlocks in June, but I fear I'll be in the same boat as I believe they also contact your consultant. Plus, the deposit I paid is non-refundable. So I guess we will see. What do you think?
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Addendum: I am considering calling the Sisterlocks home office to ask whether having thick hair can be used as a reason to not be eligible for taking the class. I don't believe that the comment about the soft spots is accurate since it was never mentioned before and I would think that the consultant would have discouraged me when I mentioned my interest in the class instead of telling me it was a good idea. I get the impression that this particular class is taught with the expectation that the individual will maintain their own locks without the assistance of a consultant ever; so maybe they think I'm not ready to handle my hair on my own. However, my reason, as stated on the Sisterlocks website, is to have the flexibility to maintain my own hair in between appointments. I understand that the class teaches you your pattern only, not how to fix trouble spots like slippage (which I don't have). If my hair meets the requirements, then shouldn't I be allowed to learn? Can you tell this is really bugging me? To be continued...

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Totally unrelated to hair, but still good news...

Well, it is official! My husband and I are going to be parents!!! I feel so unbelievably blessed beyond meausure right now. Before the start of the new year, my husband and talked about starting a family. I had been on birth control for quite some time and stopped to allow my cycle to regulate itself. Well, that didnt happen. After stopping birth control, I went 45 days without a period. After it finally came, I went another 35 days without a period. Again, after it came, it was no where to be seen for 60 days! On the 50th day, I saw an OB. She assured me that this does happen to alot of women once they stop birth control. My body did not ovulate. No ovulation, no period. She started me on progesterone pills to "force" my cycle to start, which it did ten days later. The experience was discouraging because I felt as if I had done something wrong. It really made me re-consider whether I will try birth control again in the future. I know it's necessary but it can do a number on the body.

I decided to use the Clear Blue Easy Fertility monitor to see whether I would ovulate this time. This is when I really got a lesson in fertility. Women are normally taught that the average cycle is 28 days with ovulation occurring on day 14. Well, this doesn't take into account those of us with irregular cycles. According to the monitor, for this cycle, ovulation occurred day 24, not day 14. Interesting indeed.
So, here I am 7 weeks pregnant and feeling great! I've had no morning sickness, nausea, dizziness, or anything of the sort. But, I have had crucial bloating, gas, and a little, shall I say, slowness of the bowels. Oh, and my breasts are huge!!! Before getting pregnant, I made some real important decisions about my health. I completely cut out sodas, fast foods, high fructose anything, and partially hydrogenated everything. I started the Special K Challenge and replaced two meals with a bowl of cereal (I switched to an Organic cereal from the grocery once I realized Special K contained my banned ingredients). My third meal varied between salads and sandwiches. I've tweaked it now to include a little more calories, from healthy foods of course! I snack on fresh fruits and vegetables. I've stepped up my game and exercise every day for at least 30 minutes (my OB said I can continue to exercise as long as I don't experience discomfort).

My hair is holding up very well. I had a retight on Monday and my mother/daughter duo team finished in 2hrs and 20 minutes. They are so awesome! I had some more of the tiny locks on my hairline combined. I think that's enough combining for now. I'm taking the retight class this month; I decided not to wait until June. Next month will be my one year anniversary. I can't wait!
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