Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Retightening class: Denied

I registered to take the retightening class this Saturday. In order to successfully register, you have to meet the following requirements :
• Sisterlocks®/Brotherlocks® that are older than 6 months AND completely settled
• 3/4 inches or 3-5 weeks of new growth (since last retightening)
• Know your personal locking pattern (from your most recent consultant)
You must also provide your current consultant's name and phone number so that the condition of your hair can be verified. As of June 23rd, my Sisterlocks will reach their 1 yr anniversary. According to my consultant from my last session, my locks are completely settled. I know my locking pattern (4). So why was I initially denied from taking this class???

I was told that my consultant suggested that now was not a good time for me to take the class. She said that since I have many locks, taking the class now may not work for me. In addition, she said I have soft spots. This disturbed me greatly because 1) When i mentioned during my last re-tight (3 wks ago mind you) that I had planned to take the class, she said she thought it was a good idea. So why tell the instructor otherwise? 2) Why should I be turned away from taking the class just because I have "many locks"? I surely wasn't aware that people with "many locks" should be discouraged from learning the retightening method. 3) Where are these soft spots and why have I not heard of them before? I knew of two locks by my left temple that use to slip, but they were combined and have not slipped since (3 months).

Maybe my consultant thought that I would cancel the rest of my appointments once I took the class (I'm scheduled through August). This was not my intention, but even if it was, isn't that my prerogative?

I called the instructor and told her that I was being done a disservice. She said that there would be another class in August and maybe I should wait. What difference will it make between now and August? I'll still have "many locks" then. Now, I understand the reasoning behind verifying the condition of the individuals hair. However, I think that this can really mess a person up if the consultant gives conflicting information. I could see if I had slippage, unsettled locks, or no new growth. But to say because I have many locks, I shouldn't take the class? I don't understand. Anyway, the instructor agreed that I could come on Saturday and she will evaluate my hair herself. I understand where she is coming from and that she doesn't want to be responsible for teaching me the method if the time is not right. If she approves, I can stay. If not, she will apply my deposit towards the next class in August. I told her that was fair. If I could, I would cancel altogether and take the class offered by Sisterlocks in June, but I fear I'll be in the same boat as I believe they also contact your consultant. Plus, the deposit I paid is non-refundable. So I guess we will see. What do you think?
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Addendum: I am considering calling the Sisterlocks home office to ask whether having thick hair can be used as a reason to not be eligible for taking the class. I don't believe that the comment about the soft spots is accurate since it was never mentioned before and I would think that the consultant would have discouraged me when I mentioned my interest in the class instead of telling me it was a good idea. I get the impression that this particular class is taught with the expectation that the individual will maintain their own locks without the assistance of a consultant ever; so maybe they think I'm not ready to handle my hair on my own. However, my reason, as stated on the Sisterlocks website, is to have the flexibility to maintain my own hair in between appointments. I understand that the class teaches you your pattern only, not how to fix trouble spots like slippage (which I don't have). If my hair meets the requirements, then shouldn't I be allowed to learn? Can you tell this is really bugging me? To be continued...


Napptical1 said...

Wow! Is this the current loctitian or one of the former ones? That's pretty crazy.

Maybe they think that you will not only cancel your appts, but also might take some of their business. It kinda makes you wonder why contacting your consultant is a part of the retightening course registration.

I know you've wanted to take this course for a while and I am happy they course administrators decided to work with you on this. Who knows where you may be and what your time might be like in August.

Let me know if you need heads to work on!!!

TwoIslandsGirl said...

She contacted the current and SJL. She said SJL mentioned how I had alot of hair and the density of my hair might make learning the method difficult. I feel like I am once again being "punished" for having thick hair.

Quietspirit said...

Sorry to read you are having so much trouble. I took the class offered by the home office two years ago and the only ones they turn away are those that don't have genuine sisterlocks. Their requirements are not nearly as stringent. They do ask who your consultant is but they don't ask your consultant whether or not you are ready to take the class. Having lots of locks should have nothing to do with whether or not you are allowed to take the class. I hope things work out for you.

TwoIslandsGirl said...

Thanks quietspirit. I'm truly torn about whether I should even bother attempting to go this weekend. I would hate to get there (and pre-pay the full payment) only to be turned away. I looked at the Sisterlocks site again and I saw that it asks for a consultant's name only. Maybe that will be the better option.

Carmen In NC said...

Ask your consultant if she can explain what and where are the soft spots. Maybe she didn't mention it to you because it's not a problem and will eventually lock all the way. Did your consultant know that you were taking the class so soon when you mentioned taking the class. It kind of sounds like your consultant really doesn't hear what you've been saying and just giving general answers. Sort of to hush you up so she can focus on the rotaions. Get the instructor's opinion and then go from there.

Aya said...

Incredible!!!!! This has to be discouraging to you. Who would think that have "too many locks" would prevent someone from attending the class. Truly after a year of locks, you are ready. I sure hope you get this resolved and can take the class soon. Heck, being able to eventually manage our own locks is part of the lure!

n'Drea said...

Utterly unbelievable! Mi feel fi yu, mi sista. However, don't let the negativity of this experience unsettle you or shake your resolve to take the class. Taking it will only empower you. Learn from this episode, shake the dust off, and move on to greater knowledge and understanding. A so it go sometimes, yu 'ear.

Sogolocs said...

Would you consider the nappylocks video ? E-mail me with any questions Sogo40@sbcglobal.net

Eyedinity said...

I have just read about all your blogs since you joined the SL hood. I am a newbie and I want SLs so badly but this scares me away. I am such a DIYer with thick hair. I hope I don't have the same problem. But I will say that since I am in the process of trying to make the right decisions, I'm so glad you've posted this info so that it can help me decide on what to do.

Now ironically, I've heard that some SLd ladies use the Nappyloc tool and method to retighten because they say it's easier. Now, by now it's 2007 and you're about to have a baby from the most recent post I read, (congratuations!!!) so by now you may have this resolved.

Sorry for such a long comment, but I just wanted to say that I love your blog and I look forward to keeping up with your SL progess, reading about the birth of your child and so forth.

Best Wishes to you! And when you can please visit my blog! Thanks!

blaquegoddess said...

I feel you sistah! I don't think anything but you having real sisterlocks should matter. I plan to take the class myself and being a natural haircare professional and having clients with traditional loc's this will only add to my skills. I make lock jewelry and what is called locnutzz to hold back longer locks. So hope all works out for you!

Anonymous said...

That is pretty crazy, sounds kinda cultish to me, the whole go ask big brother for an authorization