Tuesday, February 20, 2007

My hair regimen

* Sisterlocks shampoo: still using at the advice of my loctician.
*Aveda Sapp Moss: I love this shampoo. I really see a difference in my hair being clean after use.
*Organic Root Herbal Cleanse and Shea Butter: I don't use the shea butter often, but do use the herbal cleanse after working out. It's good stuff.
*Aveda scalp remedy: this helps eliminate dandruff. Works pretty good so far but it smells a little weird.
*Rosa water and lavender water: I give my hair a spritz before going to work.
*Aveda reviving mist: I use this when I feel "the poof" trying to gain control.
*That's my lintless microfiber hair towel in the background

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Chosen Vessel said...

Thanks for this product post, I have been searching high and low for good products, I may try the lavendar water for a nice spritz throughout the day :)

lst1477 said...

You'll love it, it smells wonderful!